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  1. The Comedy Journey Continues...

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014

      I’m sitting at my somewhat-less-cluttered computer table, and on top of one heap is a chip I won at a comedy open mic that allows me in free next time.  It is more expensive than some other mic’s, and my glass of wine is definitely more expensive at the particular bar where this mic is located.  If I have the money, it is worth it to me.  I enjoy the whole experience and leave feeling uplifted. 

    On the particular night I won the chip, I was second in the line-up of many.  Names are pulled from a bucket.  I felt lucky.  It’s not that I needed an early spot because I had to leave or anything.  For me, it is nice to go up early so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the show.  I was practicing a clean set.  I don’t have a lot of clean material.  My set went well though short, so I spent a little time talking about doing a clean set and then the rest of the time being the more complete me.  I had fun. 

    Then at the end of the night, when the host was going into that bucket to pull winners of a chip, I thought ‘I think he’s going to pull my name,’ and he did. 

    Sometimes I feel aligned with things most of us don’t yet understand. 

    Later, I hung out with some of the folks.  What a joy to not have to worry about getting up early for work the next day.  I do love three-day weekends. 

    A former co-worker contacted me with a possibility which may result in a show, and I am probably going to have news soon.  I find the web of life so fascinating.

    This Thursday morning, I am scheduled to speak and to perform at a film screening of “Women in Comedy.”  Remember, if you are available and inclined, it is free but an RSVP is needed. It’s at 11:00am at Poe Park Visitors’ Center.

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    1. RHC said...

      Are you available tomorrow evening? She's looking for someone to speak.
      Delicia B. Davis
      Queens Events Coordinator
      Recreation Director
      T 718.393.7370
      C 347.675.6932
      F 718.393.7369

    2. Unfortunately no. I wrote back to her and you. Thanks for thinking of me.

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