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  1. One Size Does Not Fit All

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    One day when I was on the fence fighting off the depression alligators (a not-terrible day when I can put up a good fight), I decided to go to a comedy open mic I'd never been to before.  I was hopeful about steering the rest of the day in a different direction.  The cost was $5 and a drink.  

    I showed the host my $20-bill and asked if I should buy my drink first.  He said yes.  After breaking the twenty, I handed him a $10-bill.

    "Is that better?" I asked.

    "It's smaller," he said.

    "Well, sometimes smaller is better," I blurted, unable to resist.  We both laughed. 

    "I never heard that from a woman before."

    "That's because you don't hear us."

    The open mic show was as much like an actual show as I've ever seen (though I've seen actual shows that were like an open mic).  No notes were allowed during one's set.  Both hosts practiced saying my last name before the mic began.  It was the second time I've ever seen a comedy open mic be attended equally by women and men.  From beginning to end, it was actually the first time.  That may or may not have been normal for this mic.

    My set was very well received which felt really wonderful and made me feel so glad I decided to do this.  Feeling welcomed like I was helps me do my best.  I've done okay in less friendly environments, but it's just less joyous an experience for me.

     A female comic got up there talking about how she and her friends share how big their boyfriends' dicks are.  Then she admitted that she prefers them medium-sized.  Reflexively, my head spun around and the host that I had that earlier conversation with was diagonally across the room.  He looked at me too, we both pointed to each other, and had to laugh.

    In one night, two women may have changed his world.  Yes, worlds change when women are heard. 

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    1. Edward Ayres said...

      Of course one size doesn't fit all. Some women have bigger vaginas than others.

    2. The size obsession is ridiculous. Instead of worrying about having a big dick, I'd rather men work on not being big dicks.

    3. Ahhh yes. "Worlds change when women are heard" and heeded.

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