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    Tuesday, March 18, 2014


    People, it's been a very packed week on many levels.  I did have several wonderful experiences in the mix of stuff that felt truly elating.  One was in an acting class taught by a soap opera director and a soap opera actress; one was at one of my jobs where I led a very fun staff development session; and one was yesterday in an email exchange with Lisa Harmon (a funny comic and former "She").  Of course, there were other good moments, but those were outstanding for me.  I consciously rerun them in my mind in order to at least even out the battles with the other team of voices.  

    This is women's herstory month, and this is a site for women in comedy, so I'd like to share some more funny women I've enjoyed over the years.

    I have Kate Clinton on vinyl from her earlier days in the early 80s.
     Robin Tyler (another one I have on vinyl)
    I hope you enjoyed some of whom I've enjoyed.  

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    1. Mary said...

      Now that is bang for yer buck, and what woman doesn't want a spectacular bang? Thanks for this blog and thanks to the women who helped influence you, make us smile, and make me happy to take another spin around the sun Tee hee, to all the ladies and every woman.

    2. I had the wrong video on here earlier. Those who visited -- I hope you come back for "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom" by Robin Tyler.

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